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MESCO Medical Laundry Factory:

Factory 1: Thuong Tin, Ha Tay, Hanoi, Vietnam

Factory 2: Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam

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VietMedical was founded in 2006 and has been engaged in the medical business since then. Starting with a small-scaled company focusing on distributing laboratory equipment only, within 5 years, VietMedical has now become a group of 3 companies with more than 100 employees focusing on medical equipment, medical consumables and medical laundry. VietMedical is recognized by partners and customers as the fast-moving medical group with innovations and professionalism.

Our business major focus is products for CSSD, Operating Theatre (OT) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU). For CSSD products, VietMedical is proud to be the first professional distributor who can provide a full range of disinfection and sterilization products. For OT and ICU products, VietMedical has also been successful in promoting a wide product range for hospitals and other big medical projects.

To customers, VietMedical is highly appreciated because we do not only sell a product but a package including goods, education and after-sale service. This principle has been defined as our success key to outweigh other competitors with many years experience in the field.

To partners, VietMedical always try to cooperate based on open communication. We believe that this is how long term partners should do to support each other to bring up mutual benefit in business.

Over the years, VietMedical has proved to be a competent and trustworthy partner. We have been highly evaluated on project development capacity, professional level of staff and its service quality. We believe that our group will reap more success in the coming years.

Key to success: Being a supporter, not just a supplier

To customers, VietMedical has always tried to be more than just a supplier. In fact, our team has proved that we are more of the technical supporter to hospitals staff by providing excellent technical service. We deeply understand that our customers are the ones who determine the long life of our products. Therefore VietMedical has paid extra focus on training for the users before and after sale. In the end of 2009, we also set up a hot line to provide technical support to customers at any time. Our engineers and technical teams are requested to present on site within 24 hours (in Hanoi and HCMC) and 2 days (in provinces). In our survey done in June 2010 at 30 major hospitals, 98.6% of our customers are satisfied with our after-sale service. More than any one, our team know that this is our golden success keys and we will thrive to make it better.

Apart from sales and after-sale service, VietMedical also actively involve in other IEC activities carried out by Ministry of Health. VietMedical is one of the first active members of Hochiminh Infection Control Association and Hanoi Infection Control Association. Within the last 2 years, VietMedical has either sponsored or participated in a number of important science conference or event organized by these two associations and the Ministry of Health.

Vision, Goals, and Values

Our vision is to become the leading distributor as well as manufacturer for disinfection and sterilization products in Vietnam.

The mission of VietMedical is to build the most favored distribution network in Vietnam for the leading international manufacturers of medical products and to help these manufacturers develop local production in Vietnam.
The core value that we have defined at VietMedical is commitment to excellence.





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